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Physiotherapy Ottawa

Physiotherapy is a main, proof-based human service calling that treats an assortment of wounds and sicknesses and improves your general wellbeing and prosperity. Physiotherapists or physical specialists are essential human services suppliers, which means they can survey and treat an individual without the requirement for a referral. They are a managed calling under the wellbeing callings act and the utilization of the term physiotherapist and physical advisor have ensured titles under BC law.

What Does a Physiotherapist Do?

Physical pros are authorities in reviewing and treating musculoskeletal handicaps. A lavish strategy for saying that physiotherapists are the people to help you with issues including muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, nerves, and bone. In any case you may be unsure whether the specific harm you have is one that physios consistently treat.

Physiotherapy can help treat and oversee:

 Back Anguish and Sciatica

 Neck Anguish

 Circle related conditions including Degenerative Plate Affliction

 Shoulder Impingement

 Concrete Capsulitis (Hardened Shoulder)

 Excess Strain Wounds



 Joint Separation and furthermore Joint Uncertainty

 Various sorts of Joint irritation including Osteoarthritis

 Spondylitis, Spondylosis, Spondylolisthesis

 Following Joint Surgery to repair meniscus, tendons, ligaments (e.g. ACL)

 After a joint replacement (Total Knee Replacement, Hip Arthroplasty)

 Post fracture

 Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries including Whiplash

 Muscle deficiency and muscle tears

 General issues including balance and falls danger

 General Fatigue and Deconditioning


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Modern Methods of Treatment


Our Physiotherapists go through the most to-date and viable treatment strategies conceivable. Despite the fact that machines assume a significant job in Physiotherapy, we don’t put stock in slapping a machine on our customers and leaving. We execute them as a component of an entire course of treatment methods.




 Body Weight-supported Treadmill
 Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)
 bike (RT300)
 NuStep Recumbent Cross Trainer
 Standing Tilt Table
 Wide High-low Treatment Tables
 Hydraulic Lift
 EMG Biofeedback
 Sensory Swing

Physiotherapy Home Visits

These permit our physiotherapists the chance of evaluating patients in their own condition. The particular issues they may have because of their condition might be distinguished and tended to. Medicines are given in the security of the home, care home or nursing home, and can reestablish patient’s freedom. Numerous conditions are appropriate for home medications.

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports injuries are not quite the same as standard wounds, as competitors put their bodies under a ton of weight, which in some cases prompts mileage in the muscles, joints, and bones. Sports wounds treatment is better managed by the assistance of sports physiotherapy, which is the specific part of physiotherapy which oversees wounds and physical issues related to competitors. Sports physiotherapist helps the competitors in making recuperation and furthermore gives some instruction on the aversion of further wounds.


A concussion is horrible cerebrum damage, regularly brought about by a hit to the head, which adjusts the manner in which your mind capacities. While most blackouts mend in the initial 1-2 weeks, 10-20% of youthful cases give indications of industrious manifestations, including determined migraines, dazedness, queasiness, trouble concentrating, ringing in ears, neck torment, and trouble with the maintenance with school work optional to blackout would all be able to be available.

On the off chance that, after an underlying time of rest, your blackout side effects are as yet present, you might be a decent possibility for non-intrusive treatment intercession by a blackout the board authority.


Patients who have endured mind damage or stroke, for instance, practice regular developments as right on time as conceivable by doing focused on works out. This attention on recovering lost or debilitated capacities and capacities, for example, holding and strolling and on diminishing agony, exhaustion or dazedness.

The point is for the patient to be as autonomous as conceivable in regular daily existence, recreation time and work with the most ideal personal satisfaction. Both present-day and attempted and-tried compelling procedures and strategies are utilized in treatment.


Proof has indicated that vestibular restoration can be viable in improving manifestations identified with numerous vestibular (internal ear/balance) issues. Individuals with vestibular issues frequently experience issues with vertigo, tipsiness, visual aggravation, and additionally lopsidedness. These are the issues that restoration means to address. Different issues can likewise emerge that are auxiliary to vestibular issues, for example, queasiness, as well as heaving, diminished capacity to center or think, and weariness.


Geriatric exercise based recuperation covers a wide territory of issues concerning individuals as they experience typical grown-up maturing however is generally centered around the more seasoned grown-up. There are numerous conditions that influence numerous individuals as they become more seasoned and incorporate yet are not constrained to the accompanying: joint inflammation, osteoporosis, malignant growth, Alzheimer’s illness, hip and joint substitution, balance issue, incontinence, and so forth. Geriatric physical advisors work in giving treatment to such conditions in more established grown-ups.


concerned about the treatment of wounds or disarranges of the skeletal framework and related muscles, joints and tendons Orthopedic Physiotherapy likewise incorporates pre and post usable recovery of the hip, shoulder, and knee. Orthopedic Physiotherapy is a logical way to deal with treatment following Evidence Based Guidelines. At first the physiotherapist will complete a clinical appraisal and this is trailed by fitting medicines. It is critical to get to the wellspring of the issue and forestall a re-event. The treatment objective of the orthopedic physiotherapist is to give relief from discomfort, increment joint range, improve quality and adaptability and reestablish the patient to full capacity.


TDN is a viable treatment to treat strong pressure and fit which generally goes with conditions, for example, joint inflammation, nerve bothering, solid strain, tendon strains and herniated circles.

 Neck/Back Pain

 Shoulder Pain


 Hip and Gluteal Pain

 Knee Pain

 Achilles Tendonitis/Tendonosis

 Plantar Fasciitis


 Muscular Strains/Ligament Sprains

 Chronic Pain

 Athletic Performance



Dynamic Tape isn’t kinesiology or athletic tape. It is a Biomechanical Tape, a completely new class of sports and remedial taping. These creative, 4-way extending tapes with solid versatile opposition and backlash of differing grades, retain and infuse power to lessen the outstanding burden on the body.

The taping approach expects to legitimately oversee load, development designs and work.

Dynamic Tape does this with a delicate, breathable tape that is of such high caliber and quality that expert competitors around the globe trust our item ordinary.

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