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Custom Braces & Rehabilitation Equipment

We provide a wide range of custom braces and rehabilitation equipment. We carry medical grade, high quality braces and equipment that is a custom fit for you. Once a brace or compression is recommended by one of our therapists, we take measurements to ensure that your individualized and custom product, is truly custom. This will ensure that you are not wasting money on a brace that is not the right fit for you.

We also carry a wide range of therapeutical and exercise equipment for your at home needs. If you have extended health coverage that covers braces as part of your plan, we guarantee our products to meet the medical grade requirements insurers require for them to be covered.

Why Choose Us For Your Custom Brace and Compression Needs


All our products that we supply are Made in Germany or USA providing high quality material
 Meets Medical grade compression (20–30 mmHg) requirements in order to be covered by extended health insurers (dependant on your policy/plan)
 We provide a wide range of braces/compressions as low as $80 all the way to more complex orthotics required for larger and more serious injuries
 Our braces are custom fit to your specific measurements which ensures that your braces will always have a perfect individualized fit
 Light and airy knitted fabric makes them extremely comfortable to wear
 Durable and easy to clean
 Add as part of your treatment plan or individually book an assessment and fitting appointment if looking to just purchase a product


Benefits of Wearing Custom Made Braces/Compressions


 Customized joint and muscle support
 Alleviates pain and pressure in the knee, back, ankle, shoulder, wrist, or elbow
 Maintain proper joint alignment
 Provides shock absorption and redistributes pressure
 Prevents further progression of an injury
 Maintains general well-being while helping you stay active
 Helps with post-operative pain and speeds up healing process
 Provides proprioception and feedback
 Ease arthritis pain

Knee Braces

Our knee braces provide superior comfort and effectively relieves pressure, and reduces pain so you can go back to being you.


Benefits & Specifications


 All our braces are from Germany or USA and they are highest quality knee braces on the market

 Our Bauerfeind knee braces comes with the visco-elastic Omega pad

 The ring shaped pad serves as a functional cushion around your knee cap to relieve pressure and reduce pain while gently “massaging” your knee as you move

 Knee braces have plastic stays to maintain its shape

 The plastic stays are with pull tabs at the top so you can pull it on for easy application

 Medical grade compression (20–30 mmHg)

 Maybe eligible for extended health coverage


Treatment / Prevention of the following injuries:


 Knee strains
 Knee pain
 Pre and post-op knee swelling and inflammation
 Osteoarthritis of the knee
 Osgood-Schlatter´s disease

Elbow Braces

Start feeling better with an Elbow Brace while it delivers the relief that you need when your elbow tissue is over-strained, achy, swollen or inflamed.


Benefits & Specifications


 Built-in with stabilizing pads that stimulates the muscles, helps you heal as you move and relieves pain around the surrounding joints

 Combination of targeted pressure and regulated compression alleviates pain to help resolve spasms

 Special breathable knit fabric adapts to your every movement so the support won’t cut into you or slip while keeping moisture away from your skin

 Graduated compressionCompression tapers at the edges to target painful areas and help improve circulation

 Pressure-reduced edges –Ensure a comfortable fit without constriction and make the support easier to put on and take off

 Anatomical shape – The viscoelastic material improves stabilization of the tendon but also reduces vibration and shock

 Contoured pads – Boosts pain relief by relieving pressure and helps ensure correct positioning

 Made in Germany

 Medical grade compression (20–30 mmHg)

 Maybe eligible for extended health coverage


Treatment / Prevention of the following injuries:


 Elbow Pain Relief

 Tennis Elbow

 Golfer’s Elbow


 Elbow Strains or Sprains

 Chronic Swelling and Edema

Ankle Braces

Our ankle braces feature breathable active knit that stimulates circulation and speeds up the natural healing process all while supporting your ankle from lateral twisting.


Benefits & Specifications


 Made with a three-dimensional knit that stimulates circulation and speeds up the natural healing process

Features two individually fitted and contoured pads that add comfort as well as to reduce your pain and swelling

On each side of your ankle you’ll find a cushioned pad that activates and massages you as you move

Made in Germany

Medical grade compression (20–30 mmHg)

Maybe eligible for extended health coverage


Treatment / Prevention of the following injuries:


Sprained ankle

ore ankle joint

 Ankle ligamental weaknesses

 Arthritis of the ankle

Shoulder Braces

Our shoulder support comes with a special strapping system to center your shoulder joint and carefully control your movements while you heal.


Benefits & Specifications


Shoulder brace will support you as you lift your arm to the side and provides strengthening support for your muscles

 Featuring compression knit has a massaging effect that activates as you move giving you much needed pain relief

 Made in Germany

 Maybe eligible for extended health coverage

 Delta pad is removable

 This shoulder support can be worn on the left or the right

 Easy to apply and take off

 Breathable, comfortable, conforms to your body


Treatment / Prevention of the following injuries:


 Shoulder pain


 Post-operative irritation

Back Braces

Our back braces easily adapts to a patients body shape providing the perfect fit and makes for a strong partner in combating back pain.


Benefits & Specifications


Back supports that are easy to fit and use

 Velcro fastenings

 The soft, thin and lightweight material sits comfortably and snugly against the body

 Low profile

 Can be worn under clothing

 May be covered by extended health coverage


Treatment / Prevention of the following injuries:


 Lower back pain relief

 Lumbago Sacroiliac joint pain

 Osteoarthritis spine

Wrist Braces

With anatomically shaped active support, our wrist braces brings much needed relief to your wrist pain.


Benefits & Specifications


 With anatomically shaped active support that brings much needed relief to your wrist pain

 Wrist support is designed with two pads removing the pressure from nerves and blood vessels to increase circulation for healing

 Made of three-dimensional knitted compressive fabric adapts to your wrist, so it fits securely and comfortably

 Has an inner stay which allows you for extra stabilization if needed

 Made in Germany


Treatment / Prevention of the following injuries:


 Wrist tendonitis

 Wrist pain

 Wrist injuries

Wrist arthritis

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