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Durable Medical Equipment & Custom Orthotics

We give a wide scope of custom props and restoration hardware. We convey medicinal evaluation, top-notch supports, and gear that is specially fit for you. When support or pressure is prescribed by one of our specialists, we take estimations to guarantee that your individualized and custom item, is genuinely custom. This will guarantee that you are not squandering cash on a prop that isn’t an ideal choice for you.

We additionally convey a wide scope of restorative and exercise gear for your at-home needs. On the off chance that you have broadened wellbeing inclusion that spreads supports as a component of your arrangement, we ensure our items to meet the restorative level necessities safety net providers require for them to be secured.

Why Choose Us For Your Custom Orthotics


Excellent outcomes and a decent time are consistently in style at MyWellness Center. As you become more acquainted with us you will see that our basic beliefs of trustworthiness, regard, clinical greatness, and client care are reflected in all that we do!

Amazing Results: Furnishing our patients with the best orthodontic consideration is constantly a top need. We utilize front line innovation to expand tolerant solace and give the fantastic outcomes we anticipate.

Master Team: Every individual from our whole group proceeds with their broad instruction and clinical preparing through coursework and expert advancement gatherings. We endeavor to offer the best orthodontic consideration accessible, and much of the time go significant stretches to gain from incredibly famous specialists.

Productive Scheduling: We accept that our patients’ medications ought not keep them away from doing the things that are essential to them throughout everyday life. Rather, it should build their capacity to appreciate and exploit all life brings to the table. This is the objective our planning group remembers while masterminding all arrangements and systems. We will proficiently and precisely plan all arrangements to suit our patients’ bustling lives.

Knee Braces

Knee props are supports to be worn when you have torment in your knee. A few people use them to forestall knee wounds during sports. Supports are produced using blends of metal, froth, plastic, or versatile material and ties.



A knee prop is one apparatus in dealing with the uneasiness of knee osteoarthritis. A support may help decrease torment by moving your weight off the most harmed bit of your knee. Wearing a prop can improve your capacity to get around and assist you with strolling more remote serenely.

Elbow Braces

Intended for solace and pressure, an elbow sleeve or elbow cushion ensures competitor’s elbow during physical action. This sort of supporting keeps the elbow balanced out and torment at any rate. Extraordinary for volleyball, ball or in any event, during work related exercises that require padding elbow insurance.











Treatment / Prevention of the following injuries:


 Chronic Swelling and Edema

 Elbow Pain Relief

 Elbow Strains or Sprains

 Tennis Elbow


 Golfer’s Elbow

Ankle Braces

An ankle brace is a garment of clothing that is worn around the lower leg to ensure it or for immobilization while enabling it to recuperate from sprains and other minor wounds. Lower leg supports are utilized to immobilize the joint while giving warmth and pressure to the bones.




 Avoiding Re-damage: On the off chance that you’ve encountered numerous lower leg wounds over your games profession, you should seriously think about wearing a lower leg support later on.

 Recuperation: A decent lower leg support enables you to control the measure of weight and weight you place on a harmed lower leg.

 The Range of Motion: While recuperating from your lower leg damage, you can help recapture your scope of movement by doing explicit lower leg practices while wearing your lower leg prop

Shoulder Braces

Shoulder braces can be worn to recuperate from shoulder damage or to lessen distress. They run from ultra-sturdy slings that enormously confine your scope of movement to lightweight neoprene vests that ensure your AC joint




Protection: At the point when you simply harmed your shoulder, you need it to be immobilized. Shoulder braces will keep your arm set up and help to ensure your shoulder against any further harm.

Dealing With Ruptures: The primary objective of a shoulder bolster support is to enable you to immobilize your shoulder when it is broken or burst. These props are what specialists typically prescribe. Shoulder braces and supports help you to control everything during your recovery.

Exercise Support: For the most part, the shoulder bolster props that are prescribed for practice are the twofold shoulder braces.


Treatment / Prevention of the following injuries:


 Posture Corrector

 Shoulder Dislocation

 Acromioclavicular Joint

 Shoulder pain

Back Braces

Back brace is a gadget intended to restrict the movement of the spine in instances of crack or in post-usable combinations, just as a protection measure against some dynamic conditions.




Immobilize harmed zones and aid recuperation

  Balance out regions of shortcoming following a medical procedure

  Help diminish strain and weight on the spine while truly difficult work

  Improve act and prolong the spine

  Make transitional developments, for example, sitting to standing, increasingly agreeable

  Reduce back agony

  Be a non-intrusive treatment as an option in contrast to a medical procedure


Treatment / Prevention of the following injuries:


 Herniated Disc Symptoms

 Broken Collarbone & Clavicle Tracture

 Degenerative Disc Disease

 Post-op after back Surgery

 SI Joint Pain

 Spinal Stenosis

Wrist Braces

A wrist brace is a piece of clothing that is worn around the wrist to secure it during solid use or for enabling it to recuperate. Wrist props are regular embellishments in damage recovery forms influencing the wrist. They immobilize the joint and give warmth and pressure to the wrist bones and tendons.




 Wrist Stabilization: There is a wide assortment of wrist supports for a wide assortment of wounds and afflictions. Notwithstanding, most orthopedic backings for the wrist address wounds in a couple of key ways.

 Swelling Reduction: Immobilizing the wrist with a support likewise enables decreases growing and agony from aggravation.


Treatment / Prevention of the following injuries:


 Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

 Sprained Wrist Injury

 Hand Fracture

 Sprained or strained wrist

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