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Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

We understand motor vehicle accidents can be stressful and confusing. You have been injured and do not really know where to start. At EWC, we will help you throughout the process to ensure you receive the coverage you need to get treated and simplify the process for you. We do so by directly billing motor vehicle insurers, dealing with your adjusters directly, helping you fill out the required paperwork, and devising a treatment plan that will get you on the road to recovery. We also work with our partners at MG Law firm personal injury lawyers to ensure our clients receive the treatments they require.

We are FSCO Licensed to directly bill automobile insurers and receive payment directly, so you will never have to pay out of pocket once your treatment plan has been approved. After an automobile accident, get your physical therapy treatments and rehabilitation equipment at our trusted and experienced motor vehicle accident treatment facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Work?

Once you have been in a motor vehicle accident, a claim needs to be made to your motor vehicle insurer. Post-accident, call your insurance company to file a claim and report that you have sustained bodily injuries from the accident. The insurance company will assign you an adjuster that will be dealing with not only your car repair claims, but will also be responsible in dealing with your injury claims. Once an adjuster has been assigned to you, they will provide you with (if they do not, we can provide you with one) an Application for Accident Benefits (OCF-1) form. The patient is to fill this form out and bring it with them to their first initial assessment & treatment. We may be able to send this form on your behalf.

What Happens During My Initial Assessment?

During your first assessment & treatment, our Physiotherapist or Chiropractor will assess your injuries sustained from the accident and begin your treatment. They will determine the extent of your injuries and determine if you fall within the Minor Injury Guidelines or the Catastrophic Injuries Guidelines. They will then devise a treatment plan based on your injuries that may include a combination of: physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, and manual osteopathy. We will determine what combination of treatment modalities are best for your injuries and allocate your coverage to the proper amount of sessions per modality. Your treatment plan will then be submitted to your adjuster for approval.

How Much Am I Covered For by My Insurers?

Under the Minor Injury Guidelines, once individuals are approved, you will fall under the $3500 limit, starting off with a $2200 coverage, and if needed we may request the remaining $1300.

For Catastrophic Injury Guidelines, there is no pre-set limit for these types of claims. The claim limit will be set by your adjuster depending on our assessment of the severity of your injuries and the length of your treatment plan. An extension can always be requested if you have yet to be fully healed by the end of your first treatment plan.

What Am I Covered for Under These Claim Guidelines

Both Minor Injury Guidelines and Catastrophic Injury Guidelines will cover at our clinic:

 Physiotherapy Treatment

 Chiropractic Treatment

 Massage Therapy Treatment

 Acupuncture Treatment

 Manual Osteopathy Treatment

 Low Level Laser Therapy Treatment

 X-Ray Requisitions

 Any medical grade braces/compressions

 Rehabilitation products such as:

– Heating Pads/Ice Packs

– Exercise Balls

– Therabands

– Special Pillows

– Thermophores and more…

What Happens If I require a lot of treatment or the insurer denies my OCF-1 Application?

At Elysian Wellness Centre, we work tirelessly to make sure you are taken care of. If you require a lot of treatment due to a catastrophic accident, we will refer you to our partners at MG Law Firm personal injury lawyers for a free consultation. They are highly equipped to deal with major cases and will be able to potentially help you get the coverage you require to fully recover. If this accident has disabled you, MG Law will help you potentially acquire a disability claim approval.

If your claim is denied, we will speak to your adjuster regarding the reason for the denial and if we feel as if we cannot resolve it, we once again will refer you to our partners at MG Law Firm personal injury lawyers for a free consultation.

What Do I Need to Bring To My First Assessment

 Your claim number

 Your policy number

 Your adjuster’s name and phone number/extension

 Date of the accident

 Any forms you have been given to fill out by your insurer (such as OCF-1)

 Any other form of health coverage (such as private extended health insurance)

 Any supporting medical documents provided to you by a physician if you have visited one post-accident regarding your injuries

*Please note you are not always guaranteed approval for treatment coverage post-accident. We do our best to help all our clients receive coverage, but ultimately if the insurance denies your claim, it is the responsibility of the client to settle any outstanding balances.

Are you unable to drive to our facility due to your motor vehicle accident? For all catastrophic motor vehicle accident patients, you don’t have to worry! We can transport you to our facility and back home so you can get the treatment you need without the hassle of trying to find a ride.

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